About Nennebo

Nennebo is located on east Turunmaa archipelago in Särkisalo on island Pettu. There is two Villas in Nennebo, mainbuilding Villa Nennebo and guesthouse Lilla Nennebo. Pettu island is well known of it´s verdancy and clean and fishy waters. Nennebo serves an opportunity to experince the old islander atmosphere and enjoy enormous beautiful seaview from your terrace as well as from both Villas livingroom windows. Experince the old times in traditional woodheated sauna and take a dip in clean Baltic Sea from own beach or deck. We have not suffered about blue-green alga in Pettu. Nennebo´s strand is deep enough for sailing boat and you can take even a bigger boat inside the boathouse. There is a dock for two boats in the boathouse. We have 15 beds in Nennebo.

Strandsauna, boathouse, deck, own beach, terraces, ghosy space for evening parties in boathouse, peaceful nature, a most beautiful piece of Turunmaa archipelago is waiting for You.